Our Values

  1. Support - Reliable Customer Service
    • Helpfulness - Always available and willing offer a solution or point to someone who can
    • Reliability - Remaining poised and executing precisely in any situation
    • Communication - Accurately, empathetically, and concisely engaging with both production team members and other teams
  2. Development - Personal and Technical growth
    • Training - Consistently learning and growing and transferring that knowledge and skill on to your team
    • Resource - Provide any information, tools, and equipment needed for success
    • Opportunity - Engage others in new experiences and roles to expand their potential
  3. Engagement - Engaging and Creative Environments
    • Compelling - Facilitate an engaging and immersive space visually and acoustically
    • Dynamic - Ebb and flow with the elements of the service and songs
    • Distraction Free - Remove roadblocks to people connecting with God
  4. Sustainability - Lasting Quality
    • Health - Create and maintain healthy relationships, boundaries, and habits
    • Camaraderie - Promote team unity, trust, and fun
    • Return - Consider the long term costs and benefits of systems and policies

Position Goals


  • Goal - To partner with the worship leaders and pastors to guide others into intimate worship and accessible truth
  • Win - What is displayed aligns with the content being presented. (timely & accurate)


  • Goal - To orchestrate the individual musical elements and spoken word to create an immersive and powerful worship environment
  • Win - Worship and CP sound natural (tone & level) and each transition is executed well


  • Goal - To visually accentuate leading elements with unified focus and captivating visual context
  • Win - Lighting level matches the element of service (worship - low, speaking - high, video - off) and transitions are * executed well

Training Options

Available opportunities for training. Email Mike for more details at


  • Service Shadow - Load in at respective campus
  • Saturday Night - 2:00pm - 4:30pm (just rehearsal) or 6:30pm (includes service)
  • Misc Events - Weeknights after 5:00pm
  • All Production Nights - 2-3 times/year 7:00pm - 9:00pm


  • Service Shadow - Load in at respective campus
  • All Production Nights - 2-3 times/year 7:00pm - 9:00pm